Welcome to the next installment of Meet the Client.

We first met the guys of a few years back when they were trying to get off the ground with a different website.  After helping them achieve a number 1 ranking, we expanded to some of their other websites, and this one was on that list.

I have to say, for a website that we didn’t build, has a nice looking design.  The style is contemporary yet user-friendly.  It is clearly aimed at the average, middle class individual looking to try something fun and novel.  Yet, there is enough modern technologies included as to make you never doubt that it is a professional website.

The site is meant to rank various fake diploma websites out there.  Personally, I think the idea of ranking fake diploma websites is a fun idea.  If our client wasn’t already doing it, I might have stolen the idea.  I may yet use them as a reference for when I get my *cough* Harvard Diploma *cough*.

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