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postheadericon Super Bowl Ad Blitz Winner

The votes are in for the 2011 YouTube Super Bowl Ad Blitz competition! Did your favorite ad win?

Well let’s find out…..drum roll please!

Click below for the winner of the Super Bowl Ad Blitz commercial as well as the runners up!


postheadericon Super Bowl Ad Blitz

I know most people get excited when the Super Bowl comes around every year, mainly for the competition and the game itself. But for me, I get the most amped by the advertisements that will premier during the popular televised event. This year was no exception, especially after last year’s amusing and highly entertaining ad lineup. I anticipated a just-as-strong, if not stronger, lineup this year. So the question is, what was the best advertisement during the telecast? Was it any of the numerous and comical Doritos commercials? Did E -Trade keep us entertained while creating enough controversy again? Or did Chrysler take the crown with their ultra smooth and clever ads?

With that being said, Youtube has once again created the ad blitz contest gallery of Super Bowl ads that premiered the night of the big game. They’re asking for users to watch the ads and vote on their favorite one by February 14, 2011. According to the site, “The winning ad will receive ultimate video glory with YouTube homepage recognition on Feb 19th”. Voting will close at exactly 11:59 pm on the night of Feb. 14th so hurry and cast your vote!

I can’t wait to see which one will come out on top. I voted, in case you were wondering, and no I will not share who I voted for until the voting is closed and that’s that! I’d rather not influence anyone’s decision. Ha!

Go to the site below, cast your vote, and stay tuned to Feb. 19th to see which commercial made the Number 1 spot! We’ll make a post to announce the winner!

In the meantime, leave us a comment and share with us who you voted for. We love hearing  your input!

postheadericon How You Doin’ Twitter?

While Facebook is the reigning King of social media, it may need to make some room for another social network that’s gaining some momentum in the interactive race.  It’s no secret that Twitter has become an online phenomenon, I mean who doesn’t wake up first thing in the morning and check their Twitter time-line to see what they missed during their hours of slumber? It’s almost calming to know that much activity can still go on even when you’re not a part of it at that moment. It’s like the social network that never sleeps. But I digress…

Recently the Pew Research Center and the eMarketer conducted surveys and studies regarding Twitter’s current status in the digital world and have even made predictions regarding Twitter’s future. So how do you think the site did? I’ve included some of their statistics that may exhibit some astounding and surprising information about where the site currently is and where it could be in just a matter of a year.  Are we ready to turn over the crown to Twitter eventually?

One thing that can definitely be said is that Twitter is on a roll when it comes to overall earned revenue and even predicted increases in the network’s 2011 ad revenue. Just last year Twitter generated $45 million and is expected to make a huge jump by over $100 million this year.

The Pew Research Center has analyzed the typical Twitter user and their behavior when using the social site. Surprisingly despite the success Twitter has seen and will continue to see in ad spending, the percentages for the demographics that utilize the service were slimmer than I had imagined. In fact it seems that even though there are millions of people that sign up for the online social service only 8% of online adults said they do use Twitter, with 2% doing so on a typical day. The survey also exemplified that 74% of American adults are Internet users, which means that the Twitter cohort amounts to 6% of the entire adult population.

I would’ve thought those numbers would be bigger. But in due time I can only imagine how much these figures will increase within the next couple of years, especially considering the predictions being made regarding Twitter’s successful ad revenues and increasingly amount of accounts being opened each year. In fact at least 100 million accounts were opened just in the year 2010. Can you imagine by 2014 or 2015?

All we can say is stay tuned and keep a close observation on the evolution of social media. I have a feeling that these social networks will not only change the face of the internet and how we use it, but may even change the world. Imagine that.