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postheadericon Common Web Design Mistakes Should Be Avoided

Web design can be a pretty time consuming and complex process. With that being said, when there’s complexity, mistakes come along with it. There are tons of mistakes that both companies and web designers make when developing and designing a website. Out of those mistakes there are a few that are the most common.

When you visit a company’s website, there are usually expectations that you set for that site. You expect an attractive and easily navigated site that will provide you with your interests. Sometimes consumers will base whether or not they will make a purchase or whether they will ever return back to that site on how the website looks and performs. This is all pretty reasonable right? You should consider some of the following common web design mistakes when looking to hire a professional to design your website.

Keeping Up Appearances

When you have a website that is easy on the eyes and not cluttered with ads and unorganized content, your chances of having consumers frequent your site are more likely. I mean who wants to navigate through a website that deters you from your goal of finding what you need by excessive pop ups, overly used flash images, confusing fonts and colors and a slow loading time? Having excessive graphics and ads not only hurts the eyes and is annoying but it can cause a slow performing site.

Also, it’s very important to have consistent, creative and clean content. Grammatical errors are a no-no so it’s good to edit and spare your company’s site from confusion amongst consumers.

Navigation and Usability

It shouldn’t be difficult for users to navigate through your site, period. It’s good to have a well structured site that makes the user’s visit smooth and accomplished. It’s important to not create obstacles because the more confusing the layout, the less likely that visitor will return. Drop down menus, excessive hyperlinks and registration tables are prime examples of obstacles that may drive consumers away. No one gets joy out of strolling through a site, only to realize you must jump through hurdles just to get the information that you need. It’s exhausting. Make sure everything is obvious and clean cut, without too much clicking of the mouse.

Testing, Testing

Testing your site to make sure its browser friendly is one of the most crucial steps to take when making sure your company site is usable. You want to make sure your site is easy to find in any search engine and from any given source. Easy accessibility is key. So test your site as much and as often as possible to make sure it is consistently visible and performing well.

There are so many mistakes that can be made when designing your website, the ones mentioned are only a few of the most common mistakes that are made. The best way to avoid these mistakes and others is proper design planning. When you breakdown a structural plan for your site and seek consultation with a professional web designer, you can’t go wrong. You’ll only find yourself constructing a sophisticated website that web users will want to visit again and again.