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postheadericon Make the Most of Email Marketing

Contrary to some beliefs email is still alive and well in the internet marketing world. It’s not so much about whether or not email marketing is effective, it’s how you utilize this tool that makes it beneficial or not. Knowing how to market through emails and newsletters just like any other method of marketing is only as powerful as you allow it to be. You should consider some of the following points so that you don’t make the mistakes of aimless email marketing.

Identifying your target audience is the first step to making email marketing work for your company’s benefit. When you know who you are targeting your message to, everything else will follow including the fact that it could save you time and even money while producing sales leads. Knowing your customer’s profile which consists of their wants and needs is pivotal. Once you’ve grasped their needs then you can know what approach to take when marketing to them through email. Even sending test emails may be a good way to help you to find your target and analyze responsiveness from your recipients.

Once you’ve figured out who you want to target your brand to, you can poll your visitors and find out what exactly they’re looking for and make sure they submit their email information. By asking for their input they feel like they have an important role in your company rather than just receiving another irrelevant spam email that will ultimately get deleted.

The content you produce is an important factor. Creative content is an attention grabber of course but even throw in some incentives for your audience. People love free stuff, and knowing that they can get something out of your email or newsletter can alone persuade them to read your message regularly and even become a loyal customer. Your words are what will ultimately sway them in your direction so make sure you have a convincing tone and let them know that it’s the best decision to come to your company for the best in what they need or want and why. Honesty, creativity, and just being genuine in your message will take you far.

Having an eye catching email or newsletter template is also vital. The appearance is the first thing recipients will see after all and will influence the reader to even want to get to know your brand and what you have to say. Bold and clean cut templates will give off a sophisticated and professional energy with a little bit of excitement mixed in.

Email marketing is cost effective and influential as long as you know how to use it to your company’s advantage. There are so many online tools out there for marketing your brand and email is one of those tools that is as effective but should be managed with care. You want to make sure you get your message out there to your target audience and continue to expand on your brand’s image and performance.

postheadericon Target and Maintain Your Website Audience

Ever so often companies who market their brands digitally are confused as to why certain aspects of optimization and/or social media marketing may not work for them. There are common mistakes that are made not only when it comes to identifying your target audience but also retaining any leads and consumers.  A lot of times this feeling of failure to maintain leads and potential patrons result from simply not knowing which market of consumers to target and not knowing how to market to maintain them. As it’s been said before, it’s great to receive new leads but maintaining the consumers you have and making sure they’re building a relationship with your brand is just as important.

One of the main reasons for missing the target audience mark is that the target hasn’t been quite identified specifically. Too many times businesses may get a little overzealous and think that marketing to any and everyone to cover all bases is the way to go, but not so much. You want quality leads that are relevant to what your company has to offer and you want consumers who will actually benefit from your service. The ideal scenario is to generate great sales leads that will provide longevity and loyal consumers as opposed to one time deals. You want to build relationships between your brand and patrons so that they won’t want to go to your competitors the next time around. Word of mouth is one of the most ancient and effective ways to receive new leads so it’s pretty important to maintain customers after the first sale so that they can also refer promising leads in your direction. When people find a brand that works for them they are usually pretty excited and want to spread the word!

Figuring out your target can be done through a series of questions you may have to ask yourself. A general first question to ask would be: What kind of consumer can benefit from my company’s products or services? You should try and create a profile for a typical consumer who would request your services which ultimately will define your target audience.

Another good way to figure out your intended audience is through measurements. Through measurements and analytics you can produce a profile for your company’s average consumer through page views, keyword searches, comments and reviews, content sharing, and much more. Basically you can find out your target consumers wants and needs by their requests and interests within your site and web pages. Measuring and monitoring is a continuous process that requires time and consistency so make sure you’re constantly analyzing your company’s web performance to produce leads, maintain customers, improve company internet performance, and to predict trends with your consumers.

Also, knowing how much information to share and knowing when content can be excessive is key. We like to call it content control. The content that you put out reflects your company so it’s important to have relevant and creative content that your site visitors can relate to. You also want to keep them wanting to know more about what your business can do for them. Once a consumer actually connects with a brand, they’re usually there to stay; hence the brand relationship.

All of this may seem simple but it’s more complex then you would think, which is why so many businesses can and have failed at internet marketing campaigns.