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postheadericon Emotionally Attached?

How do you define loyalty? My definition relates to the emotional attachment of some source that you feel obligated to or are passionate about that makes a person want to support it and nothing else like it. With brand-consumer relationships, it’s no different. But can a person really become emotionally attached to a brand enough to make them not want to go anywhere else for the same service? Absolutely. But how and why does a consumer become emotionally attached to a brand?

Businesses have come to the realization that it’s not just about attaining new clients and consumers [which by the way can be more expensive] but it’s also just as significant, if not more, to maintain their current customers. Retaining your current customers is rewarding considering you know they will come back to your brand for products and services and no one else, or as I like to call it; loyalty. Not to mention these loyal consumers will be more than happy to spread the word about how great your company is and possibly recruit new customers for you. Also, they’ll usually be first in line to try new products and deals your company offers and competitors’ marketing tactics more than likely won’t work on them. Consumers have made their choice and they’re sticking to it.

Generally consumers are attracted to a brand that not only obviously offers quality products and services but a brand that is also honest and genuinely cares about their customers. When you gain a customer’s trust you seal the deal for possibly a lifetime.

According to the New Media Metrics’ first annual Leap Index above, which ranked emotional attachment of consumers to brands in numerous categories, Apple products like the iPod and iPhone topped the list as consumer favorites.

So I want to know….what brands are you attached to?