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postheadericon Marketing & Advertising: Know the Difference

Advertising and marketing are commonly perceived to be one in the same, but this is a misconception. While there are similarities between the two, no doubt, there are differences as well. So how do you know if you’re running a marketing campaign and not just an advertising campaign? Well there are a few factors that separate the two into their own entities while still supporting each other within a campaign to reach the same objective.

For starters, advertising is the presentation of a product while marketing is the process that introduces the product or service to the public. Advertising is only a step in the process of marketing and marketing takes time. It’s a never ending campaign of advertisements, press releases, social influences and more, while advertising is the placement of ads and banners presented through print, television, radio, the World Wide Web, and other sorts of media. The goal for ads is to lure a target of consumers by persuasion to what the company is trying to sell. There is much more detailed and continuous planning, strategizing, measuring, designing, predicting, and targeting that comes along with marketing. To sum it up, marketing is an evolving complex process that is constant and should be consistent.

With marketing it’s not just about advertising but you also tend to study behaviors of consumers, measure company performance levels, and at the end of it all bring awareness and social responsibility to your brand in the most positive light. Marketing can really make or break a company compared to advertising. When you advertise a product and generate sales from that ad, your objective is automatically accomplished whereas marketing is continuous even after a purchase has been made. You want to connect with your consumers and maintain a relationship with them.  After all a successful business thrives off of loyal customers who will return repeatedly for services, which means you will constantly have to keep them interested and convince them to refer you and share your information to their friends and family above your competitors while trying to acquire the trust of new consumers. The best way to think about it is advertising is a component of the broader picture which is marketing.

The goal of advertising and marketing is to bring awareness to a brand or product in order to achieve the company’s objectives. While advertising is just one of the many steps in marketing it is vital nonetheless, though too often people are confused by the two. It’s pretty simple, if marketing was a pie, advertising would only be one slice out of many. What a delicious way to think about it!