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postheadericon Teens and Their Parents Determine Buying Trends

Targeting your audience can be challenging depending on your ideal consumer profile, but when it comes to determining teens and tween customers and their buying habits, naturally it’s not as complex as you would think. Teen buyers usually are pretty solid when it comes to knowing what products they want. Considering teens and tweens are pretty tech savvy, the internet naturally would be a great resource for them to make their purchases. But what exactly influences a teen to purchase a product or persuade their parents to make the purchase for them?

Usually teenagers are pretty set on what they want so they may not need to research so much into their favorite product since they’re pretty keen on the newest and hottest trends, especially with electronics. But what resources influence teens to attain information about their favorite products and to make their purchases? According to an eMarketer report, “two in five teens said online reviews influenced their computer product preferences, and 37% cited product websites”. So it seems as though teens pay attention to their web sources like online customer reviews, product websites, and online ads. In fact according to the “TeenFluence Survey” conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, ads were the second most common element that helped users to make their decision about a product or service.

A study by Mintel also found that the influence of online content becomes more important as kids enter their teenage years, you can also call this demographic the “tween” generation. “At the upper end of the age range, kids 9-11 are more likely to turn to more diverse resources for information, including online ads and social networking sites, while the younger kids, aged 6-8, have a stronger reliance on parents”. Not to mention word of mouth is definitely popular among this age group as kids like to “show and tell” their favorite products they possess or want to purchase. Teens usually know more about popular products and electronics than their parents do so usually the teen would influence the parent to make the purchase and the parent then researches the item through the web through customer reviews, website content, word of mouth and online advertisements also. And since tweens and teens may not have the income to make their purchases, it’s ultimately up to the parents to make the purchase.

It’s safe to say that the internet plays a major role when it comes to purchasing products, not just with adult users but more so with the newest generation of tech savvy teens and tweens. Would you agree with the report and their results?

postheadericon Can Celebrities Raise Awareness Through Social Media Campaigns?

We use social media on a daily basis for means of communication and sharing our thoughts, feelings, and happenings; but another good way to use social media  is by spreading a positive global message. Recently for World Aids Day numerous celebrities did that exact thing. In hopes of bringing awareness to the global aids crisis, celebrities like Alicia Keys, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Lady GaGa and so many more took a vow of social media silence, in an effort to raise funds for the “Keep a Child Alive” organization. They promised not to reappear to their social networking accounts until the goal of $1 million was reached.

Alicia Keys co-founded the ‘Keep a Child Alive” charity and orchestrated the marketing campaign in an effort to bring awareness to the impact of aids in the world and our children while focusing on getting treatment and care to patients. In an effort to draw attention to the campaign, she assembled a team of A-List Hollywood elites to begin their “digital death” on World Aids Day and even released controversial promo pictures of the stars posing in coffins symbolizing their “digital death” in hopes of raising awareness and money for the cause. They encouraged their fans to buy back their favorite celeb’s digital life by making a donation via text.

I, for one, thought this was a pretty good social marketing strategy considering the influence these celebrities have on their fans and even general public opinion. It was a creative approach to reaching the public and persuading them to donate money to the charity, especially since fans look forward to reading real time tweets and status updates from their favorite artist or entertainer regularly. I know I do. So why did such a cool and creative campaign fail at getting their donations within their goal time frame?

Unfortunately there was still something missing to boost the campaign’s momentum because it has been looked at as a failure. Although they raised the $1 million goal, it didn’t come easy or as fast as everyone predicted.  The target goal was expected to be achieved within a day or two but after five days and only $300,000 donated, there was worry.  Finally, billionaire and philanthropist Stewart Rahr matched the public’s fundraised donation of $500 thousand which helped the organization reach its $1 million mark.

There has been debate about what exactly caused the campaign to fail; it’s been speculated that the initial minimum donation amount of $10 may have been too high for fans which prompted the amount to be reduced down to $1. Another theory is that instead of taking a vow of digital silence, they should have talked more informatively about the cause and donated some of their own money to generate their goal by their 1-2 day deadline.

Regardless of how long it took, the purpose of the campaign was to digitally raise their goal of $1 million in an effort to continue aiding those who are infected with the aids virus and they accomplished just that. The effort was very commendable and I’m sure a great learning experience for Ms. Keys and the Keep a Child Alive charity.

I guess the questions isn’t so much, “Can celebrities raise awareness through social media” but the real question is “How”? What do you think about the “Digital Death” campaign? What could celebrities have done differently with social media to raise more money in a shorter span of time?