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postheadericon Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Social media marketing is a great recipe of interaction and opportunity mixed with convenience for both corporations and consumers. If done properly, you can have a pretty successful impact on your consumers and heighten your company’s overall effectiveness.

One of the biggest social media mistakes, and most common, that a company can make is having hundreds to thousands of fans/friends on their social networking page but never interact with any of them. It’s not so much about how popular you are, or how many fans you have, it’s a matter of how influential your company is. Like it’s been stated before, you make the most of social media marketing based on what you put out and your interactivity with your consumers. One of the best aspects of social media marketing is the access you have to connect and communicate with your target audience, potential consumers, and loyal patrons. Make sure you regularly interact with your customers and potentials so that they know that you’re reliable and genuinely interested in hearing from them. Remember, the whole point of social media marketing or networking is to be….social.

You also don’t want to have hundreds to thousands of fans/friends and a lot of them don’t even really need your services. Ultimately this will only be followed by lack of sales leads and those fans will eventually “unlike” or “unfriend” you.

Content is always a topic of discussion here and I always encourage quality and creative content that will keep your consumers intrigued. You do want them to continue visiting your page right? What better way than to convince them through direct dialogue and personal approaches? Customers can always appreciate genuine and honest messages with a mix of entertainment, if possible.

To successfully run an online social campaign you must be consistent. Not only consistent with your content and brand stances but also by simply regularly updating your social pages. There’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer than to go to a company’s profile or site only to realize they haven’t updated with any new information or promotions in months, even years. It can be pretty discouraging for that visitor and they may not consider your company when it comes to their needs. This also works in favor of your corporate site.

It’s also good to stay up to date on the latest social media enhancements and sites so that you’re not out of the loop on tools that can benefit your company’s campaign. Of course that only applies to tools that are relevant to your company and will actually work for your brand, not against it.

Something that can be easily neglected is your avatar, or profile picture. This is usually the first thing visitors see when searching for your brand and when they visit your page. It’s wise to be creative but also stay within boundaries of professionalism and relevance to your brand’s logo or motto.

Also   to analyze your consumers’ behavior and trends is a good forecast for future traffic on your site. It’s good to measure not just your company’s website performance but also your social media pages’ performance.  This is the best way to get insight on your brand’s influence and an indirect source of customer feedback from your fans and friends.

There are countless points that can be made when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing and while I’ve given you a handful, it is always good to stay on top of your online media campaign; whether it be through analytics, simply comparing your pages to other companies’, or just consistently researching new tools to accelerate your brand’s performance on the World Wide Web.  Online social media marketing can be very beneficial if used adequately for your brand and as long as it reaches the audience that needs to hear your message. Don’t forget, you are in control of what you share!